Kauai Island Elite Gas Line Professional


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    Kauai Island Elite Gas Line Professional

    this version of the Kauai Island has the Line Gas in combination with the Professional mixer

    The serie represents the maximum level of luxury Fesfoc can offer. This magnificent outdoor kitchen island is a perfect combination between a kitchen and an island all together in one piece of spectacular and breathtaking design.

    Fesfoc most luxurious outdoor kitchen had been created with the most resistant materials and manufactured with the most sophisticated cutting edge technology.

    All in one piece, with the Kauai Island, design, culinary experience, ideal storage and dining area comes together. This is due to the exceptional space this island offers.

    A barbecue that will pass through generations. Outdoor kitchens are always exposed to meteorological changes than can cause damages. In Fesfoc we have chosen the best materials such as stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 to create the most durable luxury outdoor kitchens the market can offer an ensure your bbq will be part of your home forever. 

    Fesfoc is renowned for its floatability effects in all Fesfoc outdoor kitchens.  The Kauai island is not an exception. Seeing and cooking in an outdoor kitchen levitating will impress you and all your guests and this is due thanks to the 15 years Fesfoc has dedicated to design and structures calculation. 

    Kauai Island has been designed to allow you cook like a proffesional. Create the most delicious dishes thanks to the most advanced combustion system in the market. Electronic ignition system will provide you the most powerful and the best performance cooking instantly to ensure you will enjoy cooking like

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    Vekt 415 kg
    Dimensjoner 297 × 116 × 90 cm
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