Cocoa Island Elite Professional Coal Profissional


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    Cocoa Island Elite Professional Coal Professional

    in this version we have the large grill in stainless steel in combination with the Professional mixer.

    This masterpiece of design made of stainless Steel marine grade 316 stainless steel represents the reinvention of luxury outdoor kitchens. We have taken technology to its maximum level to present the most powerful and incredible performance with the most exquisite design that you can imagine.

    Made to last for centuries thanks to its exceptional and sophisticated materials, we are proud to present also a design never seen in the market before. We have created an spectacular effect of floatability that your eyes has never seen before in an outdoor kitchen and this is thanks to the 1 cm space in all 2.35 meters of length, between the chassis and the structure intended for proper ventilation but designed to impress.

    Always as new as the first day. This is due to Intense black granite for worktop combined with stainless steel, which are one of the best phytosanitaires materials and with very low mantainence effort, you will find your outdoor kitchen impeccable. 

    More design and functionality. All 3 types of faucets offered are manufactured on stainless steel to guarantee a perfect look even after years. The minimalist faucet integrates perfectly in the cocoa island thanks to its 90 degree angle design. 

    The Cocoa island has a assemble system that allows to move it to a different location when desire with extremely facilities. Furthermore, the cocoa structure comes with 8 hidden fully adjustable legs to ensure a perfect leveled surface even if the floor has imperfections. 

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    Vekt 350 kg
    Dimensjoner 235 × 90 × 74 cm
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